What is the smart way to get your video clips ?

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Smart way to get your video clips : Creative Commons. What is it?

⁣When you take a photo, make music or shoot a video it’s yours, you own it. You also own the copyright. Which means you decide how it is used and who can use it and if it can be copied and shared (or remixed). Creative Commons is a set of licenses that enable lawful collaboration to do things like copy, share and remix. Creative Commons is a way to give permission to everyone to freely reuse your creative works. Hundreds of sites use these licenses: Wikipedia, YouTube, Archive.org, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Flickr, Bandcamp, Boundless, Jamendo, TED, Musopen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Free Music Archive, Freesound.

Creative Commons makes us all more free to create.

Copy, share and remix free media on Wikimedia Commons:


The content contained in this video is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-
ShareAlike License v 3.0 unless otherwise stated. The work is attributable to: Victor Grigas, Wikimedia Foundation.

Video by Victor Grigas
Music by Kate Orange

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